A Semi Precious Life

I'm surrounded by Semi Precious Gemstones... why?
Because I'm a Jewellery Designer with a difference...
I source my beads, mostly semi precious and minerals from all over the world, to create unique creations with love and care.
I do not make reproductions and I love to customise.
Be my muse, wear my bling, step out in style, like a cool chic!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Well it's been a very busy year for me... can't believe it's almost coming to an end.. updates will be done soon :)

But in the meantime, it is the season for gift giving... and I have some new designs which I need to post here.... for all to see.... and even in this economic crunch... gifts still need to be bought... and I've restructured my pricing as well... gotta go with the times....

So... enjoy the rest of the year.....

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