A Semi Precious Life

I'm surrounded by Semi Precious Gemstones... why?
Because I'm a Jewellery Designer with a difference...
I source my beads, mostly semi precious and minerals from all over the world, to create unique creations with love and care.
I do not make reproductions and I love to customise.
Be my muse, wear my bling, step out in style, like a cool chic!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Breakfast @ Tiffany's

The minute I saw these Tiffany's like keyrings.. I grabbed the lot... and these lovely 4 are my first batch.... but of course.. I can make more.. to your liking...

Come have breakfast... at Tiffany's and don't forget your keys! Oh.. and these are a steal at S$10.00 each :)


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