A Semi Precious Life

I'm surrounded by Semi Precious Gemstones... why?
Because I'm a Jewellery Designer with a difference...
I source my beads, mostly semi precious and minerals from all over the world, to create unique creations with love and care.
I do not make reproductions and I love to customise.
Be my muse, wear my bling, step out in style, like a cool chic!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Birth of A Semi Precious LIfe

Welcome to the birth of A Semi Precious Life. Having been an avid blogger, i've decided to put this blog to good use for all my creations and designs. It's been hard to keep a proper website going and somehow with this blog, i will be able to show my creations and explain why and how i came up with it... where did i pluck my inspiration from?

Well, i gather inspiration from everything around me... and I have a bad habit of not being able to stop buying my beads.. semi-precious, minerals, you name it.... i just keep on buying... but luckily, i've had a few sales here and there.. but what i'm gonna showcase here... well.. i'm calling it the webby collection... yup i have a few collections... details to come :)

So in the meantime, I hope to gain a few friends in the process of getting A Semi Precious Life up and running with new stuff each week.. bear with me.. creativity can't be forced and needs to form naturally...

With love...

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