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I'm surrounded by Semi Precious Gemstones... why?
Because I'm a Jewellery Designer with a difference...
I source my beads, mostly semi precious and minerals from all over the world, to create unique creations with love and care.
I do not make reproductions and I love to customise.
Be my muse, wear my bling, step out in style, like a cool chic!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hail Holy Me..

I think each time I make a rosary for a friend or loved one... I get more blessings :) heeee..... see unless you ask me to make a rosary from scratch i.e. i choose the beads, i do the work etc... I only charge $35 per rosary... which actually... frankly.. is too darn cheap.. but I see it as more of attaining a step closer to the Big G....:D

But in this case... this pretty rosary... was selected by LadyGlam herself... she chose the hearts, and the in-between beads... all I did was put it together and provide her the centrepiece & cross... et voila! It is so pretty and rustic at the same time.... now... for this... she's buying me lunch next time we meet... :)

Pink Hearts Rosary

So, if you'd like to give a gift with a lil more meaning.. a rosary is nice.. I can even teach you to make it... as my other friend Germaine will testify! Didn't take her more than an afternoon at Coffee Club.... chit chat and rosary making... all in half a day's work!

(again.. apologies for the pic quality.. i do hope to get a better camera by Chinese New Year or after at least)

Look out for CNY collection coming soon......


Nattie said...

wow, so pretty, too bad i am not catholic!~

Dawn G said...

Hey Nattie... long time no see.... :)